Get Ready

  1. Contact the Fitness Leader to find out more detail (cost, any requirements for the venue etc)
  2. Think about the weather, and wear something comfortable, take water with you and anything else you may need for the time you are out and about
  3. You might like to go with a friend to have someone to enjoy the experience with

Active Stronger Better sessions are mostly low-to-moderate intensity exercise classes. Principles of safe exercise are the priority while helping to improve fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and smile lines!! There are a few different styles of exercise classes under this banner to reflect different features and content in each class. These are all open to everyone and designed to be safe for those who are new to exercise or may need some modification to exercises based on underlying health condition/s. All sessions are designed to be fun, varied and social. Some of the speciality sessions (eg Stretch & Balance, Strength or Tai Chi) have a very specific focus and are enjoyable and effective.

Regular physical activity can help to:
  • improve long term general health
  • reduce risk of a heart attack & other chronic disease
  • better balance, strength and less likely to fall or trip
  • feel more energetic & manage weight better
  • have a healthier blood cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and stronger bones & muscles
  • recover better after heart attack, stroke, or after surgery or hospitalisation
  • support improved confidence, mood and sleep patterns
  • improve control of blood glucose levels

A pre-exercise assessment form must be completed at your first session and GP clearance may be necessary.

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR health & safety. Keep your distance, bring the correct money or use a card where possible, use your own pen, and invest in your exercise equipment (weights, resistance band/loop, ball), water bottle, hand sanitiser (although most venues supply), towel and mat if required. Please do not attend if you are unwell or been around other people who are unwell. You do not need a mask during exercise, but they are still a good tool if distancing is not feasible before and after class. Classes vary in cost & duration. Please contact the Fitness Leader for details relating to the best program for you.

All classes are low-moderate intensity with options (easier and harder). Please note higher intensity sessions must have GP clearance.

  • B-Active: Moderate-Challenging
  • Seated/SmartMoves: Chair Exercises
  • Level 1: Starters-Moderate
  • Level 2: Moderate to Challenging
  • Level 3: Challenging with harder options
  • Living Longer Living Stronger (LLLS): Progressive resistance
  • Str/Bal – Strength & balance: blend of styles inspired by Yoga/T’ai Chi/Pilates to improve Balance & Flexibility
  • Strength/Str/Bal: the same as Str/Bal but includes upper body strength work