Fitness Leader

The ActiveStrongerBetter Integrated Model provides training programs for the Fitness Professional, delivering safety skills, guidelines and tools for working safely with older adults, especially within special populations who are managing a range of health conditions, including chronic diseases such as heart problems and diabetes, and those with falls risk and frailty.

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What is ActiveStrongerBetter?

ASB Integrated Model is managed by a partnership between NovaCare and the Hunter Ageing Alliance and is designed to deliver a fully integrated sustainable model linking the fitness industry to health teams. It provides the opportunity for patients with stable chronic conditions to become active for life by joining a local supervised and socially supported, in the community and within RACFs.

The ASB Integrated Model provides the skills training and administrative tools to cater to older Australians requiring exercise intervention to sustain health, well being and quality of life.  Connected to health and medical professionals, the ASB brand of exercise programming provides the health sector with the confidence to refer clients.

How is ActiveStrongerBetter different from other exercise programs?

ASB programs are free style programs which can incorporate any number of other exercise features (eg Tai chi, Aqua, resistance, aerobic, circuit) depending on the qualifications of the leaders. ASB accredited and specialised leader training provides leaders with the skills and resources and guidelines to safely deliver effective low to moderate intensity exercise programs which are open to anyone but specifically designed to be safe for older adults – living independently or within RACFs.

Brand recognition & business growth and development

The exercise industry can grow significantly by developing models for attracting the large and growing market of older Australians interested in exercise for health. The ASB Integrated Model provides accredited leader training and administrative tools to offer safe programs to any person requiring exercise to sustain health, wellbeing and quality of life.  Linked to health and medical professionals, the ASB brand denotes quality and safety to the health sector and provides confidence to refer clients.  In today’s market – brand recognition is crucial to the growth and survival of your fitness business.  Achieve brand recognition using ASB Integrated Model.