Health Professional

The ActiveStrongerBetter (ASB) Integrated Model provides general practitioners and allied health professionals with safe, easy and integrated links and tools for physical activity referrals including pre-exercise screening, referral, follow-up and ongoing feedback.

Health Professional Referral

The ASB Integrated Model provides Specialists, GPs, Practice Staff and Allied Health Professionals with safe, easy and integrated links and tools for social exercise referrals including pre-exercise screening, referral, follow-up and ongoing feedback. There is well documented evidence that exercise referral is an important tool in the management of many patients.  Often the difficulty lies in selecting the most appropriate destination for that referral.  The ASB program provides a range of referral options for the Health Professional, find out more about the program and the providers.

ASB Integrated model is a pilot project (supported by NSW Health) managed by a partnership between Hunter Ageing Alliance and NovCare Community Services Ltd.  It is designed to deliver a fully integrated, sustainable model linking the fitness industry to health teams. It provides the opportunity for patients who are stable, to become active, stronger and better by joining a local supervised and socially supported program

ASB is a sustainable exercise program delivered and managed by the local fitness industry capable of retaining clients and attracting the population of older Australians who haven’t exercised for a while and who want to improve wellness, prevent or better manage their health conditions.

The ASB Integrated Model provides the skills training and administrative tools to cater to older Australians requiring exercise intervention to sustain health, well being and quality of life.  Connected to health and medical professionals, the ASB brand of exercise programming provides the health sector with confidence to refer clients.

Benefits for Health Professionals

Confidence to prescribe and refer sustainable supervised physical activity for your patients. Especially designed programs suitable for patients managing chronic conditions or lifestyle risk factors such as:

  • Risk of falls
  • Risk of fractures
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • mild depression
  • social isolation
  • sedentary
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure

Easy referral process using standardised Pre Exercise Assessment and Referral Form incorporating optional feedback from ASB leaders and enabling incorporation into Enhanced primary Care Planning.

ASB leaders have an ongoing education scheme, linked to their accreditation, professional indemnity and public liability coverage and registration requirements that include First Aid / CPR and Working with Children / Police checks.

Resources for the Health Professional

Who is eligible to be cleared or referred into community based ASB Exercise programs?

ASB is open to everyone and is suitable for people with stable chronic conditions. Please go to the ActiveStrongerBetter Eligibility Guidelines developed to assist Medical Health Teams in determining which patients are eligible for referral to ActiveStrongerBetter.