Roma’s story

Roma was 86 years old when she first came to her formal exercise class.  ActiveStrongerBetter was suggested to her after completing a respiratory rehabilitation program at her local hospital.  She was advised to continue regular gentle exercise for her health. Her daughter Judy brought her along to ActiveStrongerBetter at the local League’s Club gymnasium.

At her first class, she was a bit nervous and needed several water and rest breaks and used the chairs to rest. Roma thought the class was great fun and the people were very welcoming, and the leader looked after her.

Roma continued to come to classes, and after two years was attending ActiveStrongerBetter classes, 5 times a week. Roma says she is her GPs “star pupil”, her fitness has improved remarkably, she is sleeping better.  She is stronger and has much improved balance and can now get onto the exercise bikes with no assistance. She also says her social life has improved, and she can go out with family more often.

One huge step for Roma was regaining her full Driver’s License after it was suggested she reduce it to a restricted licence at 87 years old (due to reduced confidence and illness).

Her daughter Judy initially intended to just help her Mum get to the classes, but she liked it so much that she joined herself and now participates alongside her Mum in the class, as these classes let everyone work at their own pace.